Artist Statement Photo

I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to create striking, minimalist pieces in sterling silver, gold, and precious stones. My aesthetic has evolved in heavily embossed and oxidized forms as I explore the depth and intimacy of surface dynamics. They are a loving expression of classic metalsmithing and adornment, each embedded with the energy of a fine forging technique. I often integrate the beauty of faceted gemstones and the elegant luster of gold accents. Each piece is made by hand from start to finish, one at a time. This care and attention is directed to the future wearer. The energetic connection begins with hand hammering and a meditation through fire, guided by a sense of calm, directed intention.

I began my study at The New Orleans School of Metalsmithing, and continued at the Instituto de Allenda, in San Miguel de Allende, all the while gaining insight and experience from much trial & error in my own shop.

“Adorning the body is one of the most complicated and meaningful activities human beings engage in. We use jewelry to quell fear, arouse desire, and provoke admiration. It enables and expresses some of our highest aspirations. We adorn ourselves to transform ourselves in an ever elusive quest to feel complete.”

Melanie Holcomb, Jewelry: The Body Transformed